Faculty of Medicine

Why ISU Faculty of Medicine ?



  • To bring up doctors who have understood the importance of evidence-based medicine and the relationship between medicine and technology, who can contribute to scientific research and development with innovative practices, who will always abide by ethical and humane value, who have developed effective communication skills and who are ready for the future of medicine

  • To carry out scientific research with the help of advanced technology that create valued information and technology for patients and the humanity,

  • To provide the public with high-quality healthcare services based on scientific, contemporary technology and help improve public health.



  • To be one of the world's leading medical schools in innovation and technology which aims at excellence in education, research, and health service delivery.



  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Lifelong learning
  • Common sense and participation
  • Respect for people
  • Loyalty to ethical values
  • Social and public responsibilit



  • Emphasis on research starting from the foundation of our faculty, and establishment of well-equipped research centres where students can participate in ongoing research and development studies and carry out their own projects

  • Being a medical school focusing on the relationship between technology and medicine, and concentrate on digital transformation and artificial intelligence in education and research.

  • A multicultural environment with approximately 180 international students coming from 38 different countries and studying together with national students,

  • Strong communication between our students and academic staff.

  • A good blend of faculty members composed of experienced academic staff coming from diverse renowned Universities and young, well educated, dynamic academic members.

  • Being a University and Faculty founded by 21st Century Anatolian Foundation, which is the successor of long established MLPCare group with a widespread experience in healthcare sector and created three hospital brands (“Liv Hospital”, “Medical Park " ve "VM Medical Park").



  • Our faculty uses an Integrated Medical Education system integrates the basic and clinical medical sciences and an education programme based on the synchronised development of knowledge and skill.

  • In Istinye University Faculty of Medicine; INTEGRATED MEDICAL EDUCATION SYSTEM is used, which aims at providing good quality education with continuous improvements, prepared by the national core education program in its core, and improved by the opinions and experiences of our faculty members and the feedback received from our students,

  • In our pre-clinical programme spanning the first three years:

  • o   Starting with the smallest unit of live organisms, education continues with core information on the body systems which vertically integrated by clinical sciences.

  • o   Apart from theorical lectures, integrated sessions with the participation of faculty members from different specialties, presentations of patient cases and problem-based teaching methods are all used to bridge the gap between basic and clinical sciences.

  • o   Theorical lectures and practical lectures are supported by digital laboratories where our students can access an archive of electronic slides and use virtual microscope applications.

  • o   Before contacting with real patients, students can improve their clinical skills in our “Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab”, through models, simulations and simulated patients.

  • In our clinical education programmes:

  • o   Apart from main theoretical lectures focusing on academic knowledge, bedside education and applications, rational use of medications, integrated clinical sessions, case reports and discussions are also in the curriculum to help students consolidate their knowledge and gain practical experience.

  • o   Our University Hospitals, where the clinical education is carried out, accept patients from all branches where services are carried out in international standards. Our students can gain many elusive and technical insights from our academic staff in our fully equipped University Hospitals.