Faculty of Medicine

Vision, Mission, Core Values


The vision of ISU Faculty of Medicine is to become the most innovative and preferred Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul by continuously improving its contribution to education, research, and the community. 


In Education: to train leading physicians who are health advocates knowledgeable about local and universal health problems, who are able to provide preventive and primary health services within the framework of professional ethics and humanitarian values, who have internalized scientific thinking and the concept of evidence-based medicine, who are able to contribute to scientific research and follow up and use technological advances in their fields, and who have effective communication and teamwork skills, 

In Research: to produce novel and universal knowledge, methods and technologies which add value for humanity. 

In Contribution to Society: to provide health services that are compatible with international sustainability goals, reliable, safe and of high-quality and to contribute to the protection and improvement of public health.


  • Respect for people and people’s differences
  • Commitment to professional ethics and humanitarian values
  • Social and communal responsibility
  • Observing justice and merit
  • Environmental awareness and sustainability
  • Life-long learning
  • Common sense
  • Participation
  • Innovation