Faculty of Medicine



In the Faculty of Medicine of İstinye University, an integrated education system is applied which includes the subjects of skills training programs and examines the social dimensions of these subjects. The language of education is Turkish.


In the first three years of the course, the student is targeted to receive basic health and illness information, which is necessary before going to the clinic. Elective and compulsory practices are carried out with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to interact with patients and clinics.

It consists of clinical internships and rotations in the fourth and fifth grades. The program consists of 6 internships and 28 departments rotation. In the sixth year of the program, internship training is carried out by different department of education.. Students are practicing physicians at this time. Students perform Public Health, Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Child Health and Disease and General Surgery, Mental Health and Disease, Emergency Medicine and Elective Internship Rotation. The contribution of the students to the practice and their skills are assessed.

Our faculty training program is compatible with the Core Training Program recommended for medical faculties in our countryStudents can participate in research programs. ERASMUS, FARABI, TURKMSIC student exchange programs are also implemented in our faculty.

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