Faculty of Medicine

Aims and Objectives



ISU Faculty of Medicine Strategic Aims (SA) and Strategic Objectives (SO) are grouped under six strategic areas, namely (1) Education and Training, (2) Research and Scientific Studies, (3) Community Oriented Service, (4) Stakeholder Relations (5) Institutional and Academic Development and (6) Internationalization, and the needs and priority issues of ISU Faculty of Medicine have been determined in the light of SWOT analysis and stakeholder opinions in line with the goals and objectives of our university and in a way to support our faculty to take strong steps towards its vision.

STRATEGIC AREA  I: Education and Training

SA 1.  Continuous and sustainable improvement of the quality of Pre-Graduate Medical Education 

SO 1.2. To strengthen the output and competency-oriented structure of training programs 

SO 1.3. To strengthen the valid, reliable and output-targeted structure of assessment and evaluation

SO 1.4. To strengthen the student-centered structure of education and student-centered practices

SO 1.5. To improve educational environments and materials and to strengthen the use of technology in education

SO 1.6. To strengthen the community-oriented and community-based features of the education program

SH 1.7.  To ensure that pre-graduate medical education is accredited by TEPDAD and that accreditation processes are sustainable

SA 2. Sustainable development of the quantity and quality of post-graduate medical education 

SO 2.1. To increase the number of qualified and sustainable master's and doctorate programs

SO 2.2. To ensure sustainable quality in Medical Specialization Education Programs

SO 2.3. Organizing qualified certificate programs within the scope of Continuing Medical Education (CME)  

STRATEGIC AREA  II: Research and Scientific Studies

SA 3. Development of research and scientific studies in terms of quantity and quality 

SO 3.1. To increase research productivity and the quality of publications

SO 3.2. To increase the number and quality of scientific research projects

SO 3.3. To increase national and international scientific collaborations

SO 3.4. Increasing the number of patents, utility models and designs

SO 3.5. To strengthen the research activities in which students take part/organize

STRATEGIC AREA III: Community Service 

SA 4. To contribute to public health and social development

SO 4.1. Establishing a University-affiliated Education Family Health Center (EASM)

SO 4.2. To share the knowledge of our faculty with the society

STRATEGIC AREA IV: Relations with Stakeholders

SA 5. Paydaşlarla ilişkileri güçlendirmek

SO 5.1. To increase and diversify corporate communication activities to strengthen relations with stakeholders

SO 5.2. To ensure the sustainability of effective student participation and communication

STRATEGIC AREA V: Institutional and Academic Development 

SA 6. To ensure the sustainability of institutional and academic development

SO 6.1. Restructuring Boards, Committees, Commissions, job descriptions and member structures

SO 6.2. Configuring the visual management system and improvement processes

SO 6.3. To develop the academic staff with the participation of newly qualified academics

SO 6.4. Akademik & To encourage the participation of academic and administrative staff in activities that will support professional development, to organize trainings to increase their academic competencies

STRATEGIC AREA VI: Internationalization 

SA 7. To develop international exchange programs and collaborations

SO 7.1. Increasing the number of international common projects and protocols

SO 7.2. To increase the number of students and academics benefiting from international exchange programs