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Prof. Dr. M. Ayberk Kurt (Dekan)

Prof. Mustafa Ayberk Kurt, 


Welcome to Web Site of İstinye University Faculty of Medicine!

İstinye University Faculty of Medicine, which started its education and research journey with its first students in the 2016-2017 academic year, has taken its deserved place among the most respected and preferred medical faculties in our country and city by retaining a distinguished academic faculty, developing a qualified education program and establishing education and research laboratories with international standards.

Since its establishment, our aim is to;

> Create a faculty of medicine that combine evidence based and qualified medical education with technology and research culture, in a student centred environment that has strong communication between the academicians and students,

> Train leading physicians of future who can think critically and creatively, absorbed scientific point of view, respect human and humanity and add value to their profession,

> To carry out scientific researches that produce scientific knowledge and information that contribute to the advancement of humanity.

Dear Parents,

At Istinye University Faculty of Medicine, we are doing our best to educate your children not only as good physicians of future, but also as individuals who care and add value for their families, their homelands and the entire humanity. Please be sure that you have entrusted your children to safe hands and that we will take care of them as our own.

Dear students,

We are honoured that you are using the most important choice of your life in favour of Istinye University Faculty of Medicine and I congratulate you for this very important academic achievement. You are in the right place for the education you need to build a better future and contribute to your country, your nation and the humanity. We will work hard to prepare you for this sacred profession and support you at every stage of your education.
In the first phase of your education which will be held in Topkapi Campus, you will study and understand your main material; the human body and the basic principles of human body, you will learn diseases, the causes of diseases and basic rules of public health, you will develop ethical values and scientific outlook by taking lessons from the faculty members who are best in their field and in classrooms and laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date and contemporary materials.

In the second phase of your education you will learn the patient and disease, how to approach and develop relationship with the patient, how to manage, care and treat the patient, in summary you will learn the “The Art of Medicine” from our competent and skilled medical academicians serving in İstinye University’s Bahçeşehir Liv Hospital, Gaziosmanpaşa MedicalPark Hospital and Ulus Liv Hospital. During your training, you will have the opportunity to learn the public practices of health service delivery in various State Hospitals which we have signed protocols. You may also have the chance to join and observe the applications of health presentation in different countries through international student exchange programs.

During your studies in our Faculty, you will also have the opportunity to observe research on progress in our research centres such as Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering, Molecular Cancer, Neurological Sciences and Medical Artificial Intelligence centres, which are all equipped with the latest technology. Those who are determined and hardworking enough may be able to participate in these research projects and perhaps prepare a new research project of their own.

In summary, if you endure your curiosity, your determination to study hard and learn, your respect and love for humanity and your future profession during your entire education at İstinye University Faculty of Medicine, you will be graduated with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours you will need and you will be competent enough to perform your profession in both national and international healthcare and research institutions.

Let your journey in medicine, which will start at İstinye University Faculty of Medicine, be bright, your curiosity and hope never be diminished, and the white coat you will wear never be stained and disgraced.