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Özlem Büyüktanır Yaş

Özlem Büyüktanır Yaş,  Assoc. Prof.

Faculty Member

Dr. Özlem Büyüktanır Yaş completed her high school education in TED Ankara College in 1988 and her undergraduate education in Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department in 1992. Büyüktanır Yaş completed her PhD in Ankara University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Microbiology in 2003. She started serving in the Ministry of Health in 1994, Directorate General Primary Health Care Services, and then worked at Refik Saydam Hygiene Center, Vaccine Production, Research and Control Directorate in 1996-2004. She performed production of pertussis vaccine and control of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccines, and conducted research on vaccine development. In 1998, she conducted research on the development and control methods of the Cell Free Whooping Vaccine at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA / Food and Drug Administration) for 4 months. She was the chief of the Bacterial Vaccines Control and Research Laboratory within the Directorate. She worked as an assistant professor at Ondokuz Mayis University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Microbiology between 2004-2015. She gained the position of Associate Professor in 2015. Between 2013 and 2014, she conducted researches on the subject of "Development of new diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of Lyme Disease and Leptospirosis and development of effective vaccines for Lyme Disease" at the University of Maryland, USA for 1 year. Her research studies were basically on diagnosis of infectious diseases by conventional and molecular biological techniques, development of new, alternative molecular and serological diagnostic tests, development of new efficient vaccines. She is experienced on purification of the immuno-dominant antigens of the causative agents of the infections by chromatographic methods, cloning the targeted genes and production of recombinant proteins as vaccine candidates or development of sero-diagnostic tests based on these antigens. During this period, she worked as a director and researcher in 16 research grands, 6 of which were TÜBİTAK, DPT and KOSGEB grands. She is an international book editor and book chapter author, and has 2 national patents for the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. Dr. Büyüktanır Yaş has been in the academic staff of Istinye University, Department of Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology since 2018. She was the Head of the Department for 9 months beginning from March to the end of December 2019. She has collaborative studies with Professors from Maryland University and Yale University. Recently, she has been doing research on antimicrobial resistance.

Research Areas: Moleküler Bakteriyoloji, Enfeksiyon Hastalıkları Tanı Testlerinin Geliştirilmesi, Aşı Geliştirme

Main Areas: Veterinerlik Mikrobiyolojisi,