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Tayyibe Bardakçı

Tayyibe Bardakçı,  Dr.

Faculty Member

She was born in Gediz/Kütahya. Graduated from Boğaziçi University. She completed her physics PhD at Fatih University in 2015. In October of the same year, she started her second master study at Istanbul Medical Faculty, Department of Medical History and Ethics. She received her expertise on medical history and ethics by giving a thesis entitled as “A Normative Analysis of Human Enhancement Procedures.” She has been working as coordinator at Beşikçizade Center for Medical Humanities since 2017, and has been involved in the organization of various events (symposia, conferences, workshops, and lecture series, etc.) related to medical history and bioethics. Her research interests focus on ethical dimension of emerging technologies such as human enhancement, transhumanism, and artificial intelligence applications in medicine.

Research Areas: Bioethics, Human Enhancement , Transhumanism, Posthumanism, AI ethics

Main Areas: Tıp Tarihi ve Etik,