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Hakan  Darici

Hakan Darici,  Dr.

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Hakan DARICI started his undergraduate education in Biology Department at Süleyman Demirel University in 2000. In 2004, he started his master's degree in the Department of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medicine. In the same year, he became the youngest Research Assistant of the university. During his Master's Degree, he conducted research on germ cells. Started his PhD education in 2007, focused his research to pluripotent stem cells and received a scholarship from Singapore Stem Cell Association with his studies, 3 national papers. Immediately after completing his doctoral education, he worked as an assistant professor at the Department of Histology and Embryology at SANKO University as one of the 12 founding faculty members. Assoc. Dr. started to work with the title. He performed his military service as a Reserve Officer in GATA Haydarpaşa Military Hospital between 2014-2015. Until 2016, he worked as Foreign Relations and Erasmus Coordinator in addition to educational and research activities at SANKO University. In 2016, he, worked in the foundation of Istinye University, undertook important duties in the establishment of the university's student and research laboratories. In addition to the courses in the Histology and Embryology department, which examines all tissues in the human body and their development from the embryonic period. He has been teaching Turkish and English in areas such as Future Medicine, 3D tissue Engineering and artificial intelligence, along with histology and embryology lessons since 2015. Hakan DARICI, is a member of the various foundations such as Stem Cell and Cellular Therapies Association, Turkish Histology and Embryology Association, Singapore Stem Cell Society, European Association of Cancer Research. He is fluent in English and beginner in Chinese and Spanish. Hakan DARICI has worked in the establishment of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Research and Application Center (İSÜKÖK) at Istinye University and still conducts many stem cell associated projects in this center and provides both national and national training for students. Hakan DARICI has also been the founder and executive of the Istinye University 3D Design and Prototyping Research and Application Center (İSÜ3D) since 2017. The studies carried out at the center are focused on 3D printers, 3D bioprinters, biocompatible polymers, tissue scaffolds, and tissues such as artificial skin, bone, cartilage, artificial organs and biomechanical human limbs. DARICI, who discovered the medical potential of 3D bioprinters early, held its first conference in 2013, created its own 3D bioprinter and electrospin device designs in 2015, and developed HD Bioink A.Ş. has established. Currently, there are commercial products that are produced and used in projects. Hakan DARICI is currently working as an executive, researcher or consultant in many National and International projects and attends more than ten congresses and symposiums as invited speaker every year.

Research Areas: Pluripotent Stem Cells, Cellular Reprogramming, 3D Bioprinting, Human Enhancement

Main Areas: Histoloji ve Embriyoloji, 

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