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Remzi Okan Akar

Remzi Okan Akar,  Research Asst.

Faculty Member

R. Okan Akar after graduating from the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of Istanbul Kültür University, where he graduated with a second degree in 2017, completed his master's degree in Cancer Biology and Pharmacology at Istinye University. During his master’s, he worked as an intern at the Karolinska Institute Oncology-Pathology department in Sweden. He has been involved in laboratory studies for more than six years from the undergraduate level. He is working on molecular cancer pathways, anti-cancer drug discovery, and cell death. He is a member of the Molecular Cancer Research Association (MOKAD) and EACR (European Association for Cancer Research). He has published 7 articles in international journals. In addition to being a research assistant at Istinye University Medical Faculty Medical Biochemistry Department, he also works at Istinye University Molecular Cancer Research Center (ISUMKAM). His hobbies include science fiction-fantastic literature and basketball.

Research Areas: Cancer Biology, In ovo, CAM assay, Cell Death, Molecular Biology, Posttranslational Modifications, Protein- Protein Interaction

Main Areas: Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik,  Moleküler Biyoloji, 

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