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Ayhan Dinçkan

Ayhan Dinçkan,  Prof.

Faculty Member

Transplantation surgean residency at Akdeniz University Organ Transplantation Center (kidney, pancreas, liver and combined organ transplant program) 2004-2007. Asistant director of transplantation program at Akdeniz University Organ Transplantation Center, 2007-2011. Director of Transplantation Center at Akdeniz University Organ Transplantation Center, 2011-2015. Head of Prof.Dr. Tuncer Karpuzoğlu Organ Transplantation Institue 2011-2015. The Transplantation programme at Akdeniz University is one of the famous and best known programme at Turkey since 1980. Dr Dinckan has been primarily involved in organ transplantation since 2007 as an multiorgan transplant surgean. The first face, uterus and lims transplantation of Turkey was performed at transplantation center when he was the director of this program. He has performed over 5000 kidney transplantation operation since 2004 by reaching the success rate of 98.3 graft survival and 99.1 % patients survival. He has been performed over 1000 living ( 80%) and cadeveric type (%20) liver transplantation operation by reaching the success rate of of 91.7% patients survival. He participitated the first succesfull pancreas transplantation at Akdeniz University at 2004, since that time he has performed 77 pancreas transplantation. Since 2017, Professor Dinckan has been working as a transplant surgeon at İstinye University Medical Faculty Liv Hospital and as a chief director of Transplantation Center.

Research Areas: Kidney transplant, Liver Transplantation